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High-reach gutter cleaning

without ladders!

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Smart cleaning specialise in gutter cleaning and unblocking in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

Every year in the UK blocked and overflowing gutters cause millions of pounds worth of damage to homes and commercial properties.

We offer professional high-reach GutterVac cleaning services using our state of the art SkyVac cleaning system. From the safety of the ground we can reach even high and awkward gutters. Even gutters above conservatories that were previously inaccessible can now be emptied and cleaned!

100% Ladder-less

Gutter Vacuum cleaning at a commercial property

The Technology

We use the award winning SkyVac system to clear gutters without using ladders or expensive access equipment.

The high power industrial vacuum sucks dirt out of the gutters and downpipes collecting it neatly in the SkyVac for easy disposal.

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